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Music brought us together, and here we are...

"If ABBA, Gov't MuleJackson BrowneTom Petty, Black Sabbath or Olivia Newton-John generate any musical interest for you, then you will want to get a lot of Little Days

The well from which this band draws runs deep. And I can say in no uncertain terms that Little Days delivers the goods, walks the walk and leaves you wanting more."

"My faith in creative expression has been restored by the Southern Californian duo

who have incorporated plenty of vintage influence into their Funk-riddled Power Pop complete with reverberantly powerful basslines and Mini Diaz’s insanely talented vocals."


Little Days started as a studio project with vocalist Mini Diaz and bassist Jorgen Carlsson back in 1998.

Their catalog includes 4.5 albums and a string of singles.

Little Days is one of the significant projects these life partners have had during the 30 years they’ve known each other. They started a family together, Carlsson joined Gov’t Mule and Diaz wrote library music for Film & TV.

In 2019 they released their 3rd album “Pop & Tacos” and because of Jorgen’s involvement with Gov’t Mule, he met lots of established musicians in the industry, which is how they got Steve Lukather of Toto, Steve Ferrone and Mike Campbell of The Heartbreakers and Gov’t Mule’s own Warren Haynes to appear on “Pop & Tacos”.

A big part of their process includes recording straight onto analog tape and then mixing onto analog masters. They don't rely on auto tuning, drum machines or sequencing but instead they have live studio musicians playing their real instruments. The aim is to have their recordings to sound like a missing tape reel found in a vault circa 1978, inspired by the pop rock music of that time inviting the listener to dive in and create their own story with Diaz’ lyrical style.


Little Days has completed 2 east coast tours in 2019 and in 2022 are returning to Sweden for their second tour in support of Super Cool, a 5 song EP scheduled to be released May 20th.



Ulricehamn, Sweden

Thursday May 21, 2022 

Folkets Hus Kulturhuset 

Trollhättan, Sweden

Friday May 20, 2022 

S/S Marieholm (Vid Casinot)

Götenurg, Sweden

Thursday May 19, 2022 

Island Exodus, Jamaica

Jan 16th-20th 2022


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